Pto Yokes

The drive shaft must be connected to the tractor’s power take-off (PTO) and the implement’s power take-off (PIC, power input connection): Agknx offers a wide range of fasteners to suit different application needs.

PTO Yoke Connection Type


Tractor Yoke – PTO assembly starts with this type of yoke. It attaches to the tractor and connects to the driveline. There are two main types of tractor yokes. The first type is the snap lock, which uses a spring-loaded ring to attach and release the yoke. The second is a quick disconnect, which uses a pushpin mechanism to connect.

It is not recommended to use the same drive shaft on different machines, as there are certain characteristics of PTO shafts associated with implements, such as transmitted power, length, safety devices, etc., that make them suitable only for that machine. Therefore, usually at the end of use, the drive shaft is released from the tractor PTO and left on the implement’s PIC. For easy handling, the drive shaft is equipped with a quick lock on the tractor side, while on the implement side it is better to opt for a more stable attachment.


A quick disconnect yoke can easily attach the PTO prop shaft to your tractor or implement. It engages the tractor’s PTO shaft through an interference quick disconnect pin, cog, or ball. All manufacturers we support to offer these yokes for their PTO drive shafts.

Quick disconnect yokes are available using the following attachment methods:

  • Push pin with single or double needle
  • Sliding collar using balls or gears locked in shaft grooves
  • Automatic locking device, especially suitable for heavy shafts. They are designed so that you can engage the yoke to the PTO shaft without holding the spreader.


  • Anything used intermittently will use a PTO axle with quick disconnect yokes on the tractor and implement end.

Agknx stock a comprehensive range of PTO yokes in various capacities, bore configurations and clamping methods.

These yokes are suitable for repairing old shafts, modifying shafts for different applications and making items like single or double universal joints.

The yokes are available in 4 main styles.

Plain bore

For mounting on machines with plain (non-splined) shafts with keyways. These yokes are supplied with either keyway grub screws or clamping bolts, depending on the design requirements of the yoke.

Quick release

These yokes have one or two push release pins (depending on size) and are designed to fit on splined shafts where regular disconnection of the PTO shaft is required.

Clamp bolt

Available with single or double clamping bolts (depending on size), these yokes are designed to be mounted on splined shafts where the PTO shaft needs to be firmly held in place and only removed eg for scheduled maintenance. Typically mounted on the end of the PTO shaft on the implement.

Tube yokes

These yokes fit directly onto the telescoping tube of the PTO shaft, forming the inner half of the universal joint. They are available in different bore sizes to accommodate inner or outer tube sections. These yokes are held in place by heavy-duty roll pins. (available separately)

How to Identify an Agriculture PTO Drivetrain

A farm power take-off (PTO) drivetrain is a driveshaft-type device that connects the tractor to the farm implement it needs to operate. The driveline provides a connection that allows the implement to draw power directly from the tractor’s engine. Much like fluid, and hydraulic systems, PTO drive systems eventually fail due to the rigors of everyday farming projects and require replacement or repair. When it is time to replace or repair a PTO drive system, it is important to select the correct components for the specific equipment being used. To properly select replacement parts, you need to know the answers to these four simple questions about your specific drivetrain:

What kind of equipment will the drivetrain be used for?

If you know which piece of equipment the drivetrain will be used in, and want to replace the entire drivetrain, identification is a quick two-step process:

Simply select the equipment category, then select the tube shape (see image below) and length for the driveline to be replaced.

If you need to replace a drivetrain component, use the following identification procedure.

What are individual driveline components?

1. Tractor Yoke – The PTO assembly starts from this yoke. It is attached to the tractor and connected to the drive train. There are two main types of tractor yokes. The first type is the snap lock, which uses a spring-loaded ring to attach and release the yoke. The second is a quick disconnect, which uses a pushpin mechanism to connect.

2. Cross and Bearing Kit – A u-joint connects to the PTO assembly yoke. The cross and bearing kit will have a snap ring that sits either inside or outside the bushing, meaning it sits in the lug of the yoke.

3. Yoke – Use a cross bearing kit to attach the tractor yoke to the drive shaft.

4. Shaft – The shaft is the metal rod in the center of the drivetrain that provides its length and connects to the yoke attachment.

5. A tubular shaft runs inside this metal cylinder, strengthening the drivetrain

6. Tube Yoke – Attached to the end of the tube, this yoke uses a second cross and bearing set to connect the drivetrain to the implement.

7. Implement Yoke – The machine or device that connects the drivetrain to the tractor handle.

8. Guards – Hard plastic covers are placed around the drive train to prevent damage during operation.

Is the drivetrain North American or metric?

The easiest way to determine whether a PTO is North American or Metric is to determine the shape of the tubing and shafting. If the pipe/shaft is square, rectangular, hex, or splined, the PTO is household. Metric if the tube/shaft is a bell, lemon, or star. There are two types of metric drivetrains: German and Italian. German-style shafting/tubing has a lemon and star profile, while Italian style has a bell design.

What Series is the Driveline?

The exact way to determine which PTO series you have is to take two measurements of the cross and bearing kit on the tractor end of the driveline. Use a caliper to measure the outside diameter of the U-joint cap, which is the same as measuring the inside bore of the yoke lug.


The figure below is the assembly drawing of the power take-off. Two typical PTO system arrangements are shown. These charts help to understand the dangers, protections and injuries of PTO. Pictured above is a PTO system involving basic attachments such as various traction machinery (hay balers, forage choppers, large rotary mowers, etc.). The illustration below is a PTO system where the input driveline is directly connected to the tractor PTO stub shaft. Examples of such attachments include three-point hitch equipment (downhole excavators, small rotary lawn mowers, etc.) and augers.


It’s essential that you understand sizes, measuring, horsepower, and agriculture PTO shaft parts to choose the proper PTO shaft for your farm machinery. Though the yokes and U-joints are necessary for function, the safety chains and shield are very important parts of the PTO shaft to keep you safe during use.

Internal Yoke- There are two, located at both ends of PTO shaft -tractor and implement. This is welded to the drive end.

Universal Joint- There are two, located at both ends of PTO shaft.
External Yoke- There are two, located at both ends of PTO shaft. It has a “Y” shape to connect to the U-joint and a female hole. 

Safety Chains- The chains are used to secure the PTO shaft onto the equipment and onto the tractor.

Replace Yoke In Your PTO shaft

Do you need to replace a worn or damaged yoke in your PTO shaft assembly? Agknx Parts is a well-stocked source of PTO Yoke mounts that you can rely on for your ag equipment purchase. We offer a wide range of Agknx yokes for North American, Italian and German series. Choose from hundreds of parts and multiple spline count options. Our customer service team can assist you with product selection and provide reliable technical support.


North American Style PTO Shaft Tube

Italian Style PTO-Shaft Tube cropped

German Style PTO Shaft Tube

View our inventory of PTO Yokes and order online today. If you have any questions or need more information, please email [email protected] or contact us online.

PTO Yoke Accessories

There are many types of stabilizers to choose from wheel-to-wheel using standard keyways and setscrews. Round tube welded, round hole with standard keyway and set screw. The collar buckle is attached to the welding rod. Specials are available by quote.

Round hole bracket with keyway, flat hole (no keyway), and double keyway. Rod and tubular yokes. Pin yokes, ball yokes, ball bearing shear yokes. Hex, spline, and clip-on yokes. Square hole, double key, and sliding socket bracket. Sliding sleeves, power take-off repair kits. Weld joint bushing.

Grain trailer and wagon tarp repair and replacement parts, including special U-J 1 3/8 21X1 1/4, 1 3/8X 2 spline joints and nubs, and U-J pins for hopper doors.

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