Pto Shaft Quick Release Yokes (20/21 Spline)

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Product Description

A power take-off or power takeoff (PTO) is any of several methods for taking power from a power source, such as a running engine, and transmitting it to an application, such as an attached implement or separate machines.
Most commonly, it is a system comprising a splined output shaft on a tractor or truck, designed so that a PTO shaft, a kind of drive shaft, can be easily connected and disconnected, and a corresponding input shaft on the application end. The power take-off allows implements to draw energy from the engine.
Semi-permanently mounted power take-offs can also be found on industrial and marine engines. These applications typically used a drive shaft and bolted joint to transmit power to a secondary implement or accessory. In the case of a marine application, such shafts may be used to power fire pumps.
In aircraft applications, such an accessory drive may be used in conjunction with a constant-speed drive. Jet aircraft have four types of PTO units, internal gearbox, external gearbox, radial driveshaft, and bleed air which is used to power engine accessories. In some cases, aircraft power take-off systems also provide for putting power into the engine during engine start. See also Coffman starter.



4.05.10 74.5 27 507043851
35.05.10 76 32 35.18.02
5.05.10 80 30 507053851
36.05.10 89 36 36.18.02
6.05.10 92 30 22.18.12 507063851 S14430
7N.05.10 94 35 507173851
26.05.10 104 42 26.18.02
7.05.10 106.5 30 507073851
8.05.10 106.5 35 24.17.06 507083851 S14431
9N.05.10 108 41 507193851
25.05.10 116 39.5 25.10.08
10.05.10 118 41 507103851


1.05.08 54 22 10.50.00 507013751 S6009
2.05.08 61 24 20.18.00 507023751 S6039
3.05.08 70 27 11.50.00 507033751 S6019
4.05.08 74.5 27 21.19.00 507004751 S6049
35.05.08 76 32 35.10.02 S6079
5.05.08 80 30 507053751 S6119
36.05.08 89 36 36.10.02 S6089
6.05.08 92 30 22.19.00 507063751 S6059
7N.05.08 94 35 507173751 S6099
26.05.08 104 42 26.10.00
7.05.08 106.5 30 23.51.00 507073751 S6139
8.05.08 106.5 35 24.18.00 507083751 S6069
9N.05.08 108 41 507193751
25.05.08 116 39.5 25.10.06
10.05.08 118 41 507103751

Install assembly

1 press-fit plastic pipe and plastic cap,
2 fill the groove on the horn with oil
3. Slide the nylon bearing into the groove 4. Align nylon bearing and plastic protective cover
1. remove the nylon bearing clamp (three places) with a screwdriver, then separate the steel pipe and plastic protective cover.
2. Take off the nylon bearing from the groove of the yokes.
3. repeat the above-mentioned steps for the other side.


1. Remove the safety shield.
2. Shorten the inner and outer tubes according to the required length, and the same length shall shorten the inner and outer tubes at one time
3. Deburr the edges of the drive tubes with a file and removes all filings from the tubes.
4. Shorten the inner and outer plastic pipes according to the required length, and the inner and outer plastic pipes shall be
shortened by the same length at one time.
5. Grease the internal drive tubes and reassemble them with a safety shield.
Check the minimum and maximum length of the driveshaft installed on the machine. In working conditions, the drive tubes should overlap 2/3 size, and the plastic tube should never be separated.

At Agknx, we have the parts you need to keep your PTO drivetrain in great shape. We also offer new components in a variety of sizes to meet your application needs. Our extensive inventory includes:

  • Tractor PTO Shafts: If you’re looking for a complete assembly, we’ve got you covered. We offer a variety of North American and Italian designed PTO drive shafts in the length and spline configuration you need.
  • CV PTO Assembly: CV (Constant Velocity) PTO shafts fit most tractors and implements. These products balance tractor power input and shaft output to provide greater stability when engaged.
  • Cross and Bearing Kit: The cross and bearing kit is the universal joint that forms the heart of the PTO drive shaft system. This part is the power distribution point from the power take-off assembly to the connected equipment.
  • Half Shaft Assemblies: We stock a variety of 48″ and 60″ half shaft PTO assemblies. Center and end length assemblies are available in square and rectangular design options.
  • Other Components: If your PTO shaft parts are starting to show signs of wear, save money on buying new components by replacing individual components. We stock a wide range of new guards and guard bearings, inner and outer tubes, yokes, pins and cardan clutches.

PTO shafts vary in size and you will need to find a shaft that matches the coupling on the equipment you are towing. Attaching your implement to the tractor should be easy. If you have to lift the unit off the ground to attach the shaft or if the shaft is too long, forcing the connection can damage both. Confirming your length is easy if you have an existing PTO shaft on hand. Close it and measure from PTO yoke to yoke.

PTO Shaft Parts

Farmers may ignore the contents of the PTO shaft assembly, but they should. The front and countershafts are similar, but the front axle is larger than the countershaft. Two pieces may collide during motion. The domestic PTO shaft is round or square, and the metric one is star-shaped or bell-shaped. There’s even a round PTO shaft made in Italy.

The PTO shaft is the part of the tractor that transmits power from the engine to equipment such as a bush hog or cultivator. These parts are attached to the tractor by yokes at each end. These parts spin between 540 and 1,000 rpm. Before getting a new PTO shaft, measure the length and diameter of each PTO shaft. For proper selection, measure the length of the shaft from the outside of each yoke. The closure length should match the horsepower of the tractor. The most common PTO shafts are two-speed. There are several different sizes to choose from.

Other PTO Shaft Parts

INTERNAL YOKES – There are two internal yokes at either end of the PTO shaft – tractor and implement. This is soldered to the driver’s end.

External Yokes – There are also two external yokes at either end of the PTO shaft. It has a “Y” connection with U-joints and female holes.

Universal Joint – also known as universal joints, has two located at both ends of the PTO shaft.

Safety Chain – The safety chain is used to secure the PTO axle to equipment and tractors.

Safety Guards – These PTO shaft safety guard cones are on both sides.


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